The Blogger

My name is Ria and welcome to my blog The Mental Wealth. At the beginning of this year following a traumatic series of events, I began a quest to learn and develop a greater understanding of who I was — my past, my patterns, my strengths, my flaws, my vulnerabilities, and my purpose. This great dive into increasing my self-awareness led to an insatiable to desire to learn anything and everything about what I call “the human experience.”  Books, podcasts, academic journals, blogs, magazine articles, TEDx Talks were read, listened to, watched, analyzed, dissected, cursed at (yes really), learned, and applied to define and grasp this idea of “the human experience.” So what is this “human experience” and what does this have to do with who I am?

               The “human experience” is all the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly feelings about the self, experiences, relationships, and choices made in our day to day and how it culminates. In other words, “the human experience” is life. It is the idea that all the pain, shame, joy, love, et cetera that we feel bonds us in similarity even though our experiences are so different. So, what does this have to do with me? What makes me such the expert on the “human experience” that I feel like I can create an entire blog on it?

               I’m not going to even pretend that I am a life expert. I am growing all the time and I fail all the time. Afterall, I am just a human just like everyone else reading this. But unlike every one else reading this, “the human experience” is literally my life’s work. I went to school for this; I have my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) and my Masters of Arts in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University. I am a mental health professional who has worked in almost every capacity possible for almost a decade now and seven of those years have been in providing counseling to almost every type of person possible. I have been a witness to some individuals’ most excruciating pain as well as been there to see some of their greatest triumphs and joy. Because of what I do, because of what I have seen, and because of the people I have worked with, I have a great understanding and appreciation of “the human experience.”

               Like I said earlier, I am not a life expert but as I learn more about myself and about others, I wanted to find a way to tie my personal and professional journey together so I created The Mental Wealth. My goal isn’t to come at you every post as a professional counselor or the average joe but both because that’s who I am. This blog is a space to go through “the human experience” together. This blog is a space to have real conversations about real issues, to hear stories of failure and triumph, and to learn and embrace all the messiness of life.