The Mental Wealth is my love letter to the world we live in. At times, I know the world can feel isolating but I wanted this blog to be a space that shared, discussed, and explored the one thing that ties us all together– the human experience.

The human experience is the one thing universal to all of us. We have all felt deeply the good and the bad of existing in a vast, rapidly changing, and confusing world. In our own individual ways, we have all felt that excruciating hurt of shame, disconnection, heartbreak, and pain; and conversely, we have also felt immense joy, love, satisfaction, and belonging. The human experience bonds us in our differences, and in the world we live in, that’s pretty magical.

So how, pray tell, have we drifted so far away from each other when we are so deeply connected in the human experience? Honestly, I don’t know but I know we don’t have to be. By sharing what we know, what life has taught us, and learning from each other, I don’t think we have to feel alone in the human experience at all; life gets a lot less scary when you aren’t going at it alone. And that’s what The Mental Wealth is about.

The Mental Wealth is a blog about the human experience in all of its good, bad, and ugly. It isn’t about just my story or my experiences (although undoubtedly that will seep into the blog from time to time) but this blog is about all of us and all of our experiences. This blog is about creating a space and a community to have real discussions about our feelings, our fears, our flaws, our issues, and our stories.   

Feel your feels. Lean into the discomfort. Embrace your humanity. Own your story

So cheers, to you, to me, & to the human experience. Let’s do this!

XO  Ria