Power of the Purge

As the season undergoes it’s transition from summer to fall, we don’t just experience chillier weather and head colds.  An internal change occurs as well. We switch out bed sheets, opt for jeans over shorts, cozy sweaters over tank tops, but do we ever think to switch our mindset as well?  

I’m currently putting into practice the removal of unnecessary things in my life that do not serve me.  Along with throwing out clothing items I haven’t worn in years, I’ve been restricting myself from people who I realized no longer play a major role or invite negative energy into my life.  This does not mean I hold any ill will towards anyone, just that I’m learning to protect my own mental health and balance the energy I needed to grow.  

Like the seasons in a year, we have a time to be open to new beginnings and experiences (spring).  The time to use the energy into productivity and motivation (summer).  Transitioning into the next upcoming season, we need to learn to edit our lives in order to prepare for the upcoming winter, which is when we tend to slow down.  During this time, have you noticed heightened anxieties and stress?  This is a signal that is trying to let us know that we need to take a step back and let go of some things that simply don’t serve us anymore.  When we don’t let go and continue to push ourselves and our limits we sabotage ourselves.  That is when a vicious cycle can occur and we become toxic to our own well-being.

Do you keep the same jeans after a growth spurt? No, we donate them to make room in our closet for clothes that fit our current needs. I recently realized my apartment where, besides my job, where I spend the majority of my time was not helping with my anxiety or the continuation in my growth. The old books I already read, decor that no longer made me feel anything, and clothes that didn’t align with my current style was useless and unnecessary. 

This philosophy also goes for old friendships that simply do not understand me or have faded in time, hobbies that no longer interest me or bring joy, and most importantly my own internal thoughts. I’ve had to realize, through a lot of trials in life, that with growth you have to shed the attachments to people who hold you back or don’t add value to your life; as well as the thoughts that create self-doubt instead of self-assurance. 

When this happens we find ourselves needing that assurance from others.  The issue in needing to be validated is the longer we continue down this road the farther from self-assurance, independence, worth and ultimately self-love we have for ourselves.

I recently had to remove people even in social media in order to lessen the exposure of negative associations they had. I needed to protect my energy and who I was giving it to. I wanted so badly to still be part of their world but I could not endure the reminder of their distance or their association to those that negatively affect me.

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