Letter To Me

Letter To Me- Brad Paisley

A common re-occurring question has been popping up in my universe lately first in an Instagram post and then listening to Brad Paisley’s “Letter To Me.” The question is: if you could tell your younger self anything, what would you tell yourself?

There truly is a wisdom to our experiences, and the person I am today is nothing like the person I was a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, or even in high school. So taking a note from Brad Paisley’s song “Letter To Me”, and I decided to write my younger self a letter.

Dear Younger Me,

This is you at 33, and while that doesn’t seem old enough to be giving you sage advice, we have lived a lifetime and learned a lot in our short time here on Earth. So here I am writing you with so much love and all that knowledge we have learned to this point in the hopes of saving you anxiety, self-doubt, and heart ache.

This is going to sound cliché, and I know you have heard this from every adult and I promise you one day that you will say the same thing to the children you encounter in life, but slow down. Don’t be in a rush to grow up. There is plenty of time to be an adult, and while adulthood comes with some perks, the responsibilities far outweigh the glamour of being on your own.

Be present in your youth. Have fun, create experiences and memories, make mistakes, and truly take the time to know yourself. Knowing yourself, falling in love yourself is truly the foundation to contentment and to truly experiencing the depths of true love.  I know in youth that it seems so important to fall in love with someone and to be loved in return but without the foundation of loving yourself, you will settle for a love not worthy of the phenomenal human you grow to become. I have the ground work to know that chasing love in others will hurt you more deeply and leave you feeling incomplete and broken. Be proud to be yourself, and don’t live for the thirst of someone else’s acceptance (not even your family’s). The people meant to be with you, the people who will stick with you through the good and bad of life will love you for who you are so don’t be afraid to get to know yourself. Get to know yourself, fall in love with yourself, and I promise you that if you do, falling in love with someone else won’t matter so much because you always possessed the love craved and you were always “the one.”

Develop a personal relationship with God, and do not lean on the dogma and ideas thrust upon you by family tradition and religion. Others will tell you how to worship but that’s not for you. This personal relationship with God and your faith in him will get you through the darkest of times and life will get a little less scary in times of uncertainty. Choose that faith over fear always.

The two greatest and most important relationships in your life will be with God and then yourself. Make sure your actions reflect your character and your faith; understand your actions and character are a reflection of how you honor God.  Learn that loving yourself and taking care of your mental, physical, and emotional self is a reflection of how you honor God. Trust your gut, listen to your heart and know that is God call’s to you. No matter what you do make sure you are doing things for yourself for his glory. Loving yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love him; it means you do.

Have faith in God and the perfect timing of his will. Trust the timing of life; the right job, the right love, the right situation will come to you when it is meant to. Things happen when they are supposed to, the way they are supposed to so don’t get angry or frustrated when things don’t go your way.  You were never in control of how life goes. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner life gets a lot less frustrating. Learn from the hard times and enjoy this time in your life. It will go sooner than you think.

I promise you that we are going to be okay. I promise you that we have a really beautiful life despite the hardships. I promise you that we have people who love us and that we are so blessed to live this life. Just love sweet girl;  love yourself, love God, and learn and do everything your heart calls you to do.

With Great Love,

Grown You


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